New Features and Pricing Changes for July

Over the course of the last few weeks, we've quietly launched two new features and made some long-awaited changes to our pricing structure.


We've had to field hundreds of pre-sales questions about our pricing over the last few years and decided it was about time we made things a lot simpler.

Up until now, we've had two distinct types of credits; serp_credit and api_credit. This was super confusing for new users and so today we've switched to a single form of credits. One SERP scrape still equals one credit, but several previously-charged API endpoints are now completely free and others simply cost a fraction of a new unified credit. The biggest change from a user-perspective is that the /keywords/serp endpoint is now entirely free.

Additionally, due to this change there will shortly be an update to the way account balances are reported within the /users/credit endpoint. Please keep an eye on the docs for more details and/or look out for an email communication soon.

New features:

Per request callbacks

You can now pass a callback parameter along with your priority & delayed queue requests to override your global callback URL.

Please note: We will not be providing this feature on the daily queue due to it's persistent nature.

Daily queue: Geo-targeted SERPs

This feature has been fully available on the priority & delayed queues for some time, and as an undocumented beta-feature on the daily queue for the last few months. As of last week, this is now out of beta and the online documentation has been updated accordingly.

...and finally, a new SDK

Long time SERPmetrics user Adam Canady has provided us with a fantastic Node.js SDK. You can get started straight away with a simple npm install smapi or you can check out the code on github: