New Features: SSL & Reduced Security Auth

One of the biggest hurdles we've heard with integration of our search rankings API outside of our published SDKs is being able to generate our authentication token.

Today, we're launching reduced security authentication as a whitelisted feature (meaning that you will need to open a support request in order to switch it on). We're doing this to ensure you are fully aware of the implications and potential cost involved should your API key be revealed outside of your organization.

Reduced security means that you will no longer need to pass the ts or auth parameters along with your request - the only requirement will be your API key.

To accompany reduced security, we're also making every endpoint available over HTTPS as of today - usage of which is a direct stipulation of being able to use reduced security auth. Requests over standard HTTP will always require an authentication token.

Contact support (info@) if you'd like to to be added to the whitelist.