New Feature: Mobile Rankings

With the upcoming Google mobile algorithm update due to land on April 21st, it's become super important to track rankings on both desktop and mobile.

This feature has been in beta on the delayed and priority queues for a few weeks now, but today sees the official roll-out on all queues for everyone to use.

Tracking mobile rankings is easy - simply pass a device parameter with your request that contains either desktop or mobile. If you don't set a device, we'll automatically use desktop by default. On the daily queue, you'll therefore now get a unique keyword_id for each phrase+location+device combination. Please consult the documentation for more information.

We use a modern Android User-Agent for all mobile ranking SERP requests so you're sure to see accurate and up-to-date data.

With mobile rankings it's now even more important to look at location-aware data which is why the location parameter works as expected along with the device parameter. Many of our clients already check each keyword across multiple geographic locations for a true snapshot of what real users see in the SERPs so adding device now provides an extra dimension to this super important data.

As always, we're here to help so if you have any integration questions please drop us an email at